Monday, August 12, 2013

The Beginning

I recently decided to homeschool my two boys. Among the many challenges, one that I am still struggling with is how to keep track of what we do. I am putting a lot of effort into planning and I do not like to see it wasted - I can already see myself researching again the same topic when the second child needs to cover some material that the first has already worked through, for example.

 I also want to collect some memories of our days. Homeschooling is hard at times and enjoyable at other times, but most of all it is all-consuming and the days go past quickly. I hope that by blogging - provided I find the time to be constant with it! - I might be able to put some order in the chaos.

Given that these are my reason to keep the blog, I intend it to be written mostly for myself. If what I write can be of any help to other people who are already homeschooling or just thinking about it, then even better! :)

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